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Kevin's Page

Kevin - Vocals and Guitar


Kevin's 10 most influential albums

1: "With The Beatles" - The Beatles

"Guess it always starts with the Fab 4, right? All thanks to my dad, as a huge Beatles fan and overall big time music lover with his massive record collection I got soaked in fantastic rock and many other styles of popular music. Still remember yours truly putting the Beatles "With The Beatles" vinyl lp and being fascinated by it. What are they doing there?"


2: "Siamese Dream" - Smashing Pumpkins

"In my opinion their very best studio album. Everything sounds so amazing there, all parts carefully done and with such bombast and tons of frills and astonishing craftsmanship you never get bored of it, tons of dynamics. A true masterpiece, though Billy & co did many great albums afterwards."


3: "Scenes From The Second Storey" - The God Machine

"Haunting, moving gem of a record. In the early 90's there were records that rocked my world intensively such as Nirvana's Nevermind, Metallica's black album and then this one. Something totally different, an unknown band came out of nowhere with a blistering, mysterious debut. Such atmospheric songs and drones, it keeps you awake at night. Think Swans mixed with a heavy powerful noisy alt-rock hardcore sound, yet it's never exaggerated, carefully conducted by mastermind Robin Proper Sheppard (vox & guitars). It's melancholic and moody and still very good after all these years."


4: "The Downward Spiral" - Nine Inch Nails

"I got lost in the industrial (rock) sub-genre thanks to this band here. And what an obliterating masterpiece it is, even now after 25 years! Perfect balance between pure noise, mayhem and a certain beauty, melody. Dynamics at their best. Genius Trent Reznor sharpened his skills with manic perfection and penned down his very best work with this one. Previous efforts (Pretty Hate Machine, Broken) were very good and very well received too, but this one absolute tops it with such brilliance. The album fascinates me on all levels as a standard for production and high craftsmanship!"


5: "Live Album" - Sunny Day Real Estate

"One of them gorgeous guitar based bands that bring a unique vibe and emotion to the table. Delicate, fragile songs with a superb Jeremy Enigk pouring his feelings out."


6: "Remedy Lane" - Pain Of Salvation

"Easily compared in the early beginning with mid-era Dream Theater though Pain Of Salvation has got a lot more on offer than the latter. Epic, melancholic soundscapes mixed with an intriguing threat of muscled riffs which have more appeal than most Dream Theater songs in my opinion and with such an intense emotional delivery that makes things more tangible and engaging. This album is such a voyage, never seems to get dull and stays remarkably fresh after many spins. An exemplary masterpiece of emotive prog-metal it is!"


7: "Emotion Is Dead" - The Juliana Theory

"Blown away by this US college emo rock post hardcore punk outfit delivering their finest ever outing. Everything seems to fit astonishingly perfect on this full length. Tons of catchy hooks with such sincere and direct lyrics and cool vocals. Haunting beauty, this album!"


8: "Building" - Sense Field

"Breathtaking highlight of one of California's biggest emo hardcore/rock bands of the 90's. Quite active throughout the 90's, this was their piece de résistance! After almost 25 years didn't loose any excitement and intensity. Such diversity and adventure and such brilliant songwriting with fantastic vocals!"


9: "II" - Blackfield

"Epic, moving, melancholic greatness by Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen. Brilliant album. Very professional and stylish."


10: "s/t" - Last Days Of April

"I always go back to this eponymous debut by Sweden's intense emo rockers. One of those albums I can sit through from beginning to ending. Great stuff, now almost 20 years already old."

By Kevin

Kevin's Musical Equipment

  • Guitars: ESP Les Paul, Fender Sunn Mustang, Alba Strat

  • Effects: Boss Chorus TU-2, Joyo Vintage Overdrive, Mooer Cruncher, SubZero Deepfreeze Delay, Behringer Graphic Equaliser

  • Amp: Marshall MG100DX

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