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Gonzalo - Drums


Gonzalo's 10 most influential albums

1: "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" - The Beatles

 "Before uni I hadn’t really listened to my favourite band yet, not properly. My beatlemaniac friend pushed me to, so I decided to give them a proper go by listening to this album, and it was a very quick match. I started ploughing through their discography in awe of how much high quality content they released."

Fav song: Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite


2: "Appetite For Destruction" - Guns n’ Roses

 "This album characterised my teenage years where I played guitar with a couple of friends in what was essentially a Guns n’ Roses cover band. I had every detail of Sweet Child O’ Mine carved into my mind, and we’d play it non-stop. On top of this, I consider this album to have the best guitar soloing of any album ever, Slash’s self-expression through his playing is unmatched."

Fav song: My Michelle


3: "Origin Of Symmetry" - Muse

 "Similar to The Beatles, when I finally delved into Muse I was in for a great surprise, as their unique rock tone, classical harmonic minor modes and standout songwriting resonated with me. Matt Bellamy is one of the most multifaceted musicians out there and his music is a pleasure to listen to and analyse."

Fav song: Plug In Baby


4: "First Impressions Of Earth" - The Strokes

 "I could have put almost any Strokes’ album here, but FIOE stands out to me as their album with the most creative drum patterns. Ize Of The World's intro and verse beat were always very enigmatic to me, Julian Casablancas went ahead with very unorthodox approaches to the instrument for this album specifically, which makes it a very rich one to study."

Fav song: Ize Of The World


5: "Congratulations" - MGMT

 "Congratulations is often treated as Oracular Spectacular’s ugly cousin, yet I consider it just as good in quality. It takes the higher bid because they took greater creative risks for this one which allowed them to show off the range of music they can make, having a goofy accelerando with an abrupt end in Flash Delirium for example."

Fav song: It's Working


6: "In Utero" - Nirvana

 "My narrow overlap with the rest of the band! Kurt Cobain is one of the most authentic artists I’ve listened to, and it’s clear in his music that he’s just showing who he is, with no adulteration or posing. In Utero’s songs are raw, with sublime drumming and better production than Nevermind."

Fav song: Serve The Servants


7: "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" - David Bowie

 "Bowie instantly became one of my favourite artists upon listening to this album. The concept makes it fun, but it’s the core songwriting and chords that really does it for me. Lady Stardust and Rock n’ roll suicide just have beautiful chord sequences, and are simply great songs."

Fav song: Moonage Daydream


8: "Doolittle" - Pixies

 "A standard rock album, however the haunting guttural screams and humbly simple songwriting caught my attention, most bands are not capable of writing 1 minute songs, or having bass lines that just follow the chord root note in minims."

Fav song: Hey


9: "Currents" - Tame Impala

 "To think that Kevin Parker is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer, he’s a damn good drummer too. The neo-80s synths and the trance-like jams make it a joy to listen to."

Fav song: Disciples


10: "Eyes Wide Open" - Twice

"If someone had told me as a teenager I’d be listening to K-pop instead of rock n roll in my 20’s, I’d say they’re crazy. Maybe I’m the crazy one now?! But K-pop and Twice specifically have allowed me to channel the delicious guilty pleasures of the conveyor belt, artificially engineered addictive music of the best paid songwriters in the planet, and admire the incredibly complex production that isn’t present in rock n roll."

Fav song: Up No More


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