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Here is the gig review from Civil War (Facebook Page)

"There just *something* about these guys and for some reason it’s hard to explain” (31st November 2023)

"Second up at CWL XVI at the Hope and Anchor last Saturday were Imaginary Dreamers returning to the CW stage.

I’m sure I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. There just *something* about these guys and for some reason it’s hard to explain.

There are many different things that can make a band’s chemistry work, something I’ve reflected on more in recent years. Lead guitarist Kevin is loved in our scene as a great character and eccentric, massively dedicated, kind, and with some wildly impressive (and under appreciated) skills on the guitar, and Andy, on bass and BVs, is the solid, easy going classic Londoner that forms his counterbalance (while also laying down some solid bass and vox). It works. New drummer Gonzalo is bedding in and it’s good for them to have some young blood in the mix, but these lads play with a lot of heart and commitment, with some catchy riffs and melodies too, dropping some promising new tracks.

Not every band needs to ‘take over the world’ and sell a million records to deserve respect, and if you have the ability and courage to take the stage and please a crowd for half an hour on a Saturday night, with them close enough to see the whites of their eyes, that’s impressive enough in my book, and I really mean that."

Published by Civil War (Facebook post) in November 2023. See the original review by clicking here

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