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Here is the fantastic review for our video of "Sigh"

"Sigh" - Reviewed by FV Music Blog 07/01/20

"London based band Imaginary Dreamers, have released their divine latest single ‘Sigh’. It is a rock song with exceptional musicianship and a catchy chorus that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

A wall of sound opens the release. Big guitars, driving drums and aggressive bass fill the audio spectrum. The band’s talent and skill are on display from the get-go and instantly wins the trio new fans from the first listen.

The infectious and welcomingly repetitive chorus is joyous. The wonderful bridge is filled with lyrics such as, “Be somebody, be someone who loves and still cares,” they are hard-hitting and strikes at the heart of its listeners. We loved the ascending guitar solo towards the end of the single; it is double-tracked and filled with character and charm. The haunting final note leaves the audience wanting more. ‘Sigh’ has been excellently composed and arranged.

There is also a brilliant indie video which accompanies the release which can be viewed here. Imaginary Dreamers say, “The video was made using footage filmed by the band, friends and family over the course of 2019, using whatever means were available (mainly mobile phones!). It charts the progress of the band from the first gig featuring Tico (drums and backing vocals) and Andy (bass), since joining Kevin (vocals and guitar) at the beginning of 2019.” They continue, “We would like to thank everyone who contributed footage towards this video, and it is a celebration of the band, looking forward to the coming year.”

We are so excited to kick off 2020 with this brilliant band. We feel it is going to be a big year for them, make sure you check out ‘Sigh’ today!

FVMusicBlog January 2020


Published by FV Music Blog on 07/01/2020. See the original review by clicking here

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